Parenting Coach Karin Keijzer

Empowering parents and families


What is important to you? What kind of relationship do you want to have with your child(ren), now and in the future? Who do you choose to become as a parent?

My goal is to empower parents and children to create a relationship built on love, trust and respect; to increase your effectiveness in parenthood; and bring awareness, insight and understanding in your parenting methods. Every parent, child and household is different and therefore I work with the parents to discover what works for them and what doesn't, so they can become the parents they always hoped to be. 

For Parents

Becoming a parent is, by far, the most life changing, amazing and daunting task we can embrace. We are faced with challenges and emotions that we did not know existed. Yet, there is no way to prepare for this important 'job'.

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For Expats

Expatriation means leaving behind your home, your family and your friends. Whatever the reason for the choice to move abroad, it means you have to build a new life for your family and yourself. 

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For Schools

As a teacher you work closely with children and parents. In your classroom you have a whole scala of personalities who have different needs, emotions and capablities. 

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